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Welcome to PressPictures.net

This site securely hosts material by many different photographers, companies and organisations. All accessed by a user name and password or a login token.

MediaFiler supports all digital files; photographs, artwork, video, audio, documents and PDF’s,  all fully searchable.

MediaFiler software is GDPR compliant and may be set up to access a single event or host all the material for an entire organisation or company complete with easy to select navigation.

PressPicture.net is often used by organisations and PR companies requiring to provide press access to a single event or promotion.

NOTE: Some libraries offer free download, others offer e-commerce, payment and fees are set by the library owner, not MediaFiler.


MediaFiler is used by many corporate marketing and communication departments. Universities, such as UCL with 30,000+ students and staff accessing their site. The Police and NHS use MediaFiler.

Picture agencies use MediaFiler, schools & education, travel operators & tourist boards, healthcare & charities, clubs & associations.

We have libraries that host 1000 files and other hosting millions.   MediaFiler is a fully hosted and managed service.

We ensure that their digital assets are organised the right way. The results we achieve ensure that we maintain a long-term relationship with these companies.

The speed, ease of use and word-of-mouth are the main reasons our customer base is growing. Some customers use two or three independent libraries together. Others use MediaFiler combined with plug-ins in order to integrate the media library in their (mobile) applications and software. This way you can integrate our DAM software in your business processes.

Read more about MediaFiler here :

Contact the UK distributor here:
The Digital Asset Lab Ltd


If your query is about the content, pricing or the files, please contact the library owner directly, their contact details are on their page.

In the unlikely event that you are experiencing a problem with the site, access, download etc., please contact The Digital Asset Lab

1) Passwords are case sensitive
2) The addition of extra dots in the password field is a security measure, not an error
3) If you believe you have entered your details correctly, particulary a second time, yet get Invalid User or Password, first try a different browser or clear out your browser cache. Often your browser is auto-compleating the wrong password.

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