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PressPictures.net. The name says it all


MediaFiler is a sponsor of the CIPR Excellence Awards 2009-2014


Media Room

PressPictures.net will be the new online platform for where organisations may store their media for instant access
by the press and link their media to the press release.

For the press,  PressPictures.net is an online image library where freely available photos, logos and other
images can be downloaded to support articles and press releases.

PressPicture.net also hosts event photographs for organisations together with e-commerce facilities. If you
are interested in holding your press media on PressPicture.net then contact us for details.

PressPicture.net is powered by MediaFiler Digital Asset Management Software.

MediaFiler handles the total management, storage and distribution of images, presentations, PDFs, videos,
audio clips, documents and brochures for organisations.

MediaFiler is already used by ...

 Government l Medical l Police l Education l Charities l Multi-Nationals
       Press & TV Agencies l Newspapers l Corporate l Museums & The Arts